Media Arts, M.A.


Required Documents

  • Online Application to the Graduate School
  • Official Transcripts
  • Curriculum Vitae/Resume
  • Personal Statement
  • Link to online portfolio of media artworks
  • 2 or more Letters of Recommendation (at least one must be from a professor)


  1. The Master of Arts (M.A.) degree in Media Arts provides advanced education in media theory, history, and artistic practice. The program prepares students to pursue media arts in a variety of contexts including independent, commercial, and academic. Recognizing the interdisciplinarity of the media arts, the program encourages students to foster interests in and affiliations with other disciplines across the university. Students applying to the program should have academic and/or work experience in a field related to media arts and a portfolio that exhibits a capacity for theoretical, historical, and/or cultural inquiry.
  2. Successful applicants to the graduate program in Media Arts typically have an undergraduate GPA of 3.00 or higher on a 4.00 scale and a strong portfolio of media art production work and/or media studies academic work. Meeting the minimum GPA does not guarantee admission. All parts of an application are carefully considered in admissions decisions.

Degree Requirements (30 Hours)

Candidates for the M.A. in Media Arts shall file a Program of Study during their second semester. The Program of Study outlines the student’s program requirements and should be planned in consultation with a faculty adviser. In order to advance to the second year of coursework and thesis preparation, M.A. candidates must successfully pass a comprehensive examination. Comprehensive exams are scheduled at the culmination of the first year of course work.

Candidates for the M.A. in Media Arts take 30 hours of coursework, of which 6 hours are for the project/thesis project. Credit hours are to be distributed as follows:

Required Courses (6 Hours)

For all M.A. students.

Course Title Credits
MART 701The Role of Research in Media Arts Practice3
MART 702Principles of Media Arts Practice3
Total Credit Hours6

Media Arts Coursework (15 Hours)

  • 5 MART courses (3 hours each) at the 500-level or above.  (700-level courses are preferable to meet Graduate School requirements)

Elective (3 Hours)

  • 1 non-MART elective at 500-level or above

Project/Thesis Preparation (6 Hours)

Course Title Credits
MART 798Project Research and Preparation1-6
or MART 799 Thesis Research and Preparation
Total Credit Hours1-6

Additional Requirements

  • Comprehensive Exam; Thesis/Project; and Thesis/Project Defense.


  • Half of all courses, not including Thesis / Project, must be taken at the 700 level. All classes must be above the 500 level.
  • Elective: This course should be taken outside MART to support research in media theory and creative production.
  • Refer to the Graduate Bulletin for full academic regulations, policies, and procedures.