Applications should be submitted to:

The Graduate School
University of South Carolina
901 Sumter St.
Columbia, SC 29208

Baccalaureates should apply to the M.A. program. Additionally, applicants must send a letter describing their academic interests and an example of recent written work to Director of the Graduate Program Committee, Department of Sociology, University of South Carolina, Columbia, SC 29208. Other materials that will be helpful in evaluating the application may be included. Electronic applications are available at Application deadlines are July 1 for the fall semester and November 15 for the spring semester. The Department of Sociology encourages students to begin their graduate studies during the fall semester. Applications completed by February 15 receive priority in decisions about assistantships.

The Graduate Program Committee evaluates applications and makes recommendations about admission to the dean of The Graduate School. A minimum GPA of 3.20 (on a 4.00 scale) for the last 60 semester hours of undergraduate work is required for admission to the master’s program. For applicants with a master’s degree, a minimum grade point average of 3.50 for all graduate work is required for admission to the doctoral program. GRE scores must be submitted with the application to The Graduate School. The department does not have a minimum GRE requirement, but scores approaching or exceeding 600 on the verbal and quantitative sections of the GRE and 4 on the analytical section increase the applicant’s likelihood of being admitted and funded.


SOCY 500  - Social Networks  (3 Credits)  
Analysis of personal, social and organizational networks, their structural patterns, practical consequences, and principles of formation and change.
SOCY 502  - Political Sociology  (3 Credits)  
Theory and research concerning the interrelationship between the polity and social structures.
SOCY 503  - Family and Social Stratification  (3 Credits)  
An analysis of the contemporary American family emphasizing social stratification, mobility, occupations, and urbanization.
SOCY 504  - Social Stratification  (3 Credits)  
Theory and research in social stratification.
SOCY 505  - Social Structures in Communities  (3 Credits)  
Interrelationships of major social structures within communities.
Graduation with Leadership Distinction: GLD: Diversity and Social Advocacy
SOCY 506  - Social Organizations  (3 Credits)  
Selected theoretical orientation, methodological procedures, and illustrative substantive issues pertaining to organizations.
SOCY 507  - Sociology of Social Control  (3 Credits)  
Theories and issues relating to the definition of and response to crime and/or deviance.
Graduation with Leadership Distinction: GLD: Diversity and Social Advocacy
SOCY 509  - Advanced Social Structures  (3 Credits)  
The analysis of core methodological and substantive issues in the study of social structures.
SOCY 510  - Life Course Demographics  (3 Credits)  
People's demographic lives, structural contexts, and social change. Emphasis on the socioeconomic context in which lives unfold.
Prerequisites: SOCY 310.
SOCY 511  - Sociology of Mental Health  (3 Credits)  
Social factors in the development, identification, and treatment of mental illness.
SOCY 512  - Internal and International Migration  (3 Credits)  
A survey of methods of analysis and research findings with emphasis on the social and economic concomitants of internal migration. Cultural, economic, and historical aspects of international migration. Effects of governmental policies on immigration and emigration. Examination of selected countries.
SOCY 514  - Urbanization  (3 Credits)  
Analysis of urbanization using contemporary and historical data from developing societies. The demographic components of metropolitan growth and the changing structure of metropolitan communities.
SOCY 515  - Scientific Methods and Sociological Inquiry  (3 Credits)  
Introduction to methods used to answer theoretical, empirical, and practical sociological questions, including scientific inquiry and research design.
SOCY 520  - Advanced Social Psychology  (3 Credits)  
Advanced survey of social psychological perspectives and research on inequality, discrimination, power and status, cooperation and collective action, social norm and morality, networks and relationships.
SOCY 521  - Small Group Analysis  (3 Credits)  
A behavioral analysis of small groups.
SOCY 522  - Power and Authority Structures in Groups  (3 Credits)  
An exploration of theoretical perspectives, methodological approaches, and substantive issues in the study of interpersonal power and authority.
SOCY 523  - Social Processes of Deviance Control  (3 Credits)  
A systematic analysis of the interrelation among the creation, involvement, recognition, and control of deviance.
SOCY 524  - Interpersonal Behavior in Families  (3 Credits)  
Social psychological perspectives on family behavior.
SOCY 525  - Selves and Social Transaction  (3 Credits)  
A systematic analysis of interrelationships among social acts, selves, roles, transactions, and language.
SOCY 540  - Sociology of Law  (3 Credits)  
Review of theoretical and empirical developments in the sociology of law, including classical and modern sociological theories of law and selected sociological themes of law in various social settings.
SOCY 550  - Sociology of Science  (3 Credits)  
Interrelationships among society, culture, and contemporary science.
SOCY 557  - Sociology of Education and Inequality  (3 Credits)  
Advanced inquiry into the relationship between education and inequality.
Graduation with Leadership Distinction: GLD: Diversity and Social Advocacy
SOCY 560  - Advanced Sociological Theory  (3 Credits)  
Theoretical perspectives on society and social behavior.
SOCY 561  - Real World Research Experience  (3 Credits)  
Design and conduct of original research using sociological research methods to meet Carolina Core Integrative course requirement for the BA and the BS.
Prerequisites: C or better in SOCY 101, SOCY 391, and SOCY 392.
Experiential Learning: Experiential Learning Opportunity
SOCY 562  - Advanced Sociological Research Methods  (3 Credits)  
Advanced survey of methods used in sociological research.
SOCY 598  - Selected Topics  (3 Credits)  
Readings and research on selected sociological topics. Course and content varies and will be announced in the schedule of classes by title.
Prerequisites: SOCY 101.
SOCY 599  - Advanced Independent Study  (3-6 Credits)  
Advanced Independent study. Contract approved by instructor, advisor, and department chair is required.
Prerequisites: SOCY 101.
SOCY 698  - Special Topics  (3 Credits)  
Reading and research.
Prerequisites: SOCY 101.
SOCY 710  - Theoretical Foundations of Sociology  (3 Credits)  
Survey of theoretical and empirical works of sociological scholars.
SOCY 711  - Theory Construction  (3 Credits)  
Presentation and study of the major theory groups in contemporary sociology, including functionalism, exchange, and consistency theories. Anaysis of theoretical perspectives using criteria of logical consistency and adequacy of explanation. Techniques of building formal theory in sociology.
SOCY 719  - Selected Topics in Sociological Theory  (3 Credits)  
Prerequisite: SOCY 710.
SOCY 720  - Survey of Research Methods  (3 Credits)  
Survey of data-gathering techniques used in sociology including questionnaires, interviews, surveys, archival searches, experiments, and observational techniques.
SOCY 721  - Selected Sociological Topics in Methodology  (3 Credits)  
Intensive focus on selected social research methods having applications to the study of sociology.
SOCY 729  - Selected Sociological Topics in Methodology  (3 Credits)  
Prerequisites: SOCY 701.
SOCY 730  - Statistical Analysis in Sociology  (3 Credits)  
Introduction to statistical analysis in sociology, including bivariate and multiple regression, correlation and analysis of variance.
Prerequisites: SOCY 700.
SOCY 731  - Topics in the Quantitative Analysis of Sociological Data  (3 Credits)  
Recursive and non-recursive modelling, multiple regression using longitudinal data, event history analysis.
Prerequisites: SOCY 515.
SOCY 732  - Topics in the Analysis of Social Networks  (3 Credits)  
Selected topics in the theory, measurement, and analysis of social networks.
SOCY 733  - Topics in Scaling and Measurement Methods  (3 Credits)  
Selected topics in scaling and measurement of social science data emphasizing exploratory and descriptive techniques such as correspondence analysis, proximity scaling and contingency table representations.
SOCY 734  - Experimental Methods in Sociology  (3 Credits)  
Purposes, design and implementation of laboratory experiments in sociology.
SOCY 739  - Selected Topics in the Quantitative Analysis of Sociological Data  (3 Credits)  
Prerequisites: SOCY 700.
SOCY 745  - Social Demography  (3 Credits)  
Classical and contemporary theories and analytical approaches to demography.
SOCY 746  - Sociology of the Family  (3 Credits)  
Sociological theories of the family and social change.
SOCY 749  - Selected Topics in Demography  (3 Credits)  
Introduction to selected research methodologies having applications to the study of demography.
Prerequisites: SOCY 515.
SOCY 755  - Social Structures and Inequality  (3 Credits)  
Social inequality and stratification studied from a structural perspective, focusing on patterns in institutions that perpetuate inequality.
SOCY 756  - Race, Class, Gender, and Sexuality  (3 Credits)  
Historical and contemporary dimensions of social inequality centered in race, social class, gender, and sexuality.
Cross-listed course: PSYC 751, WGST 705
SOCY 759  - Selected Sociological Topics in Social Structures  (3 Credits)  
Prerequisite: SOCY 700.
SOCY 765  - Contemporary Group Processes  (3 Credits)  
Theories and problems in contemporary groups processes; primary emphasis on theories of status, power, justice, emotion, and legitimacy.
SOCY 769  - Selected Sociological Topics in Social Psychology  (3 Credits)  
Prerequisite: SOCY 700.
SOCY 775  - Medical Sociology  (3 Credits)  
Social and cultural meanings, determinants, and experiences of health and illness; organization of health care delivery system; impact of culture, roles, and relationships on patients and providers.
SOCY 779  - Selected Topics in Medical Sociology  (3 Credits)  
Topics from Medical Sociology theory and research. May be repeated as content varies by title.
SOCY 780  - Sociology Proseminar  (1 Credit)  
This seminar introduces graduate students in sociology to aspects of the sociological profession that are beyond the confines of sociological theory, methodology, and the discipline's substantive interests.
SOCY 781  - Teaching Sociology  (1-3 Credits)  
An exploration of college teaching of sociology, including goals, means, and challenges.
Prerequisites: SOCY 515.
SOCY 790  - Special Topics: Reading and Research  (3 Credits)  
SOCY 791  - Special Topics: Reading and Research  (3 Credits)  
SOCY 799  - Thesis Research and Preparation  (1-9 Credits)  
CL: 2020.
SOCY 890  - Special Topics: Reading and Research  (3 Credits)  
SOCY 891  - Special Topics: Reading and Research  (3 Credits)  
SOCY 899  - Dissertation Preparation  (1-12 Credits)  
CL: 2020.