Geological Sciences, Ph.D.


Applicants for a graduate degree in the School of Earth Ocean and Environment must have a baccalaureate degree from an approved and accredited college or university. Requirements for admission to all programs within the School of Earth Ocean and Environment conform with the general regulations of The Graduate School. Applicants whose native language is not English are also required to submit a satisfactory score on an English proficiency test according to The Graduate School guidelines. 


Applications Requirements

Requirements that are common to all programs:

1.    Completion of an online Graduate School application;

2.    A resume/CV

3.    Transcripts from all institutions attended.

4.    Three letters of recommendation from faculty or other professionals in the field

5.    A Personal statement that includes your research interests and professional goals.

6.    Submission by applicants whose native language is not English of a satisfactory English proficiency test score according to The Graduate School guidelines. 

Questions concerning admission should be submitted to the director of graduate studies for the School of the Earth, Ocean and Environment (

Degree Requirements (30 Post-Masters Hours)

The Ph.D. degree requires the satisfactory completion of a minimum of 60 semester hours of graduate credit beyond the bachelor’s degree, or a minimum of 30 hours beyond the master’s degree, including at least 12 credit hours of GEOL 899. Additional course work is determined by the student and his/her advisory committee in accordance with departmental requirements and the student’s background and specific needs. Qualifying and comprehensive exams must be successfully completed in a timely manner. The oral portion of the comprehensive exam consists, in part, of the defense of a paper written by the student which has been submitted for publication in an approved peer-reviewed journal. All Ph.D. candidates are required to publish one paper in and submit a second paper to refereed scientific journals prior to graduation. A written dissertation is required which must be successfully defended. Additional details are available from the director of graduate studies for the School of the Earth, Ocean and Environment via e-mail at: