Religious Studies (RELG)

RELG 120  - Comparative Religion  (3 Credits)  
Issues, theories, and debates that shape global religious traditions, cultures, and communities; examination of historical contexts and development, applying social scientific inquiry and methods to analyze relevant current circumstances and concerns.
RELG 201  - Religion and Culture  (3 Credits)  
Exploration of the dynamic relationships between selected religions and cultures.
Graduation with Leadership Distinction: GLD: Professional and Civic Engagement Leadership Experiences
RELG 270  - Religion and the Arts  (3 Credits)  
Literary, visual, and/or performance art associated with religious discourse and practice.
Carolina Core: AIU
RELG 301  - Hebrew Bible (Old Testament)  (3 Credits)  
Modern study of the Hebrew Bible from historical, literary, and archeological points of view. Reading and analysis of texts in translation.
Cross-listed course: JSTU 301
RELG 361  - Psychology of Religion  (3 Credits)  
The development of the religious consciousness and its various expressions, the psychological dynamics of growth and conversion, response to crisis, and the relation of spiritual practice to health and wholeness.
Cross-listed course: PSYC 320
RELG 372  - Religion and Existentialism  (3 Credits)  
Existentialist thought as adapted by theologians to interpret religious experience and the biblical message. The movement from philosophical protest against essentialism into imaginative description of existence revealed under stress.
RELG 412  - Faith, Doubt, and God  (3 Credits)  
Judeo-Christian views of God; modern criticism and contemporary responses.