Entrepreneurship Minor

Degree Requirements (18 Hours) 

Course Title Credits
Intro Entrepreneurship
Select one of the following:3
Entrepreneurism and Free Enterprise
Entrepreneurship and New Venture Opportunities
Music & Arts Entrepreneurship
Financial Basics
Select one of the following:3
Startup Finance, Legal Structures, and Business Systems
Survey of Accounting
Music and Money
Special Topics
Applied Entrepreneurship
Select one of the following:3
Applied Entrepreneurship
Developing and Launching New Ventures
Select three of the following:9
Introduction to Economics
The International Economy
Issues in Economics
Intermediate Microeconomic Theory
International Trade Economics
International Monetary Economics
International Development Economics
Labor Economics and Labor Markets
Law and Economics
Health Economics
Digital Writing
Independent Study in Entrepreneurship
Introduction to Sustainability Management and Leadership
Integrating Sustainability
Sustainability Management and Leadership Strategies
International Development and the Environment
Introduction to International Business
International Marketing
Exporting and Importing
Comparative Innovation Systems
Business Communications
Principles of Advertising and Brand Communications
Social Media Marketing Strategy
Public Relations for Nonprofit Organizations
Creative Thinking and Problem Solving
Leadership and Internal Relations Management
Freelancing for Creative Professionals
Special Topics
Interactive Communication Strategies
Public Relations Management
Principles of Management
Strategic Human Resource Management
Employee Engagement
Negotiation and Conflict in the Workplace
Managing Teams in the Workplace
Leadership in Organizations
International Human Resource Management
Executing Strategy in New Ventures
Applications in Entrepreneurship and New Ventures
Principles of Marketing
Consumer Behavior
Principles of Marketing Research
Sales Strategy
Data Science for Business Decision-Making
Introduction To Sales
Product and Brand Management
Foundations of Leadership
Business Ethics
Introduction to Leadership Studies
Sport and Entertainment Marketing
Sport and Entertainment Business and Finance
Sports and Entertainment Event Management
Total Credit Hours18

Note: When a student’s program of study requires courses included in the Entrepreneurship minor, that course cannot be used to fulfill both the requirements for the program and the requirements for the minor. Where such overlap exists between the requirements of the program and the minor, the student will need to take additional courses from the Electives list above to fulfill the 18 hours required by the minor.