Music Minor

Consultation with the undergraduate director in the School of Music is required.

Minor Requirements

Prerequisite Courses (3 Hours)

Course Title Credits
MUSC 114Introduction to Music Theory 13
Total Credit Hours3

May be used to fulfill the AIU portion of the Carolina Core Requirements.

Core Requirements (10 Hours)

Course Title Credits
MUSC 100Music Convocation (2 semesters)0
MUSC 110Introduction to Music3
MUSC 115Music Theory I3
MUSC 117Aural Skills I1
MUSC 118Aural Skills II1
Select music ensemble for 2 semesters from the following:2
The Marching Band
Symphonic Winds
University Concert Choir
University Orchestra
University Chorus
Jazz Ensemble
Wind Ensemble
Ensemble - Chamber Orchestra
Total Credit Hours10

Music Electives (8 Hours)

Course Title Credits
Select 8 hours in any combination from the following categories:
Select a maximum of four hours from the ensemble options listed above
Maximum of eight (8) credits. 1
Theory or History1-3
Select a 200-level or higher course from the following:
Music Theory II
Music Theory IV
Aural Skills III
Aural Skills IV
Twentieth-Century Techniques and Materials
Topics in Music Theory
History of Western Music I
History of Western Music II
Special Topics in Musicology and Ethnomusicology
Music Education3
Any MUED course

The student may receive credit for two semesters of study at the 101 level (MUSC 101A-MUSC 101Z), but must make normal progress in the applied sequence (MUSC 111A-MUSC 111Z, MUSC 211A-MUSC 211Z, MUSC 311A-MUSC 311Z, MUSC 411A-MUSC 411Z) for more than two (2) semesters to be allowed toward the minor.