Statistics, M.S.

Degree Requirements (33 Hours)

Students in the M.S. program may elect either the non-thesis or the thesis option. Both options require a total of 33 semester hours of approved course work built around a core of five three-credit courses. The remaining 18 credit hours are taken in electives.

Core Courses (15 Hours)

Course Title Credits
STAT 704Data Analysis I3
STAT 705Data Analysis II3
STAT 712Mathematical Statistics I3
STAT 713Mathematical Statistics II3
STAT 714Linear Statistical Models3
Total Credit Hours15

Thesis Option

Students who choose the thesis option may substitute 3 semester hours of thesis preparation for an elective. 

Course Title Credits
STAT 799Thesis Preparation3
Total Credit Hours3

Additional Requirements

Non-thesis M.S. students are required to obtain a “Masters Pass” or “Ph.D. Pass” on the Ph.D. Qualifying Examination. For thesis-option students, the examination will be the oral presentation and defense of the thesis.


At least half of the elective credit hours satisfying the M.S. degree requirements must be at the 700-level or higher. Up to 9 credit hours may be taken outside of the STAT designator or transferred in from another accredited university with the approval of the Graduate Director.

Typically, the M.S. requires two full years (four major semesters) of study.