Quantitative Psychology Minor

Admissions Requirements

  1. Interested students must be accepted into one of three eligible concentration areas within the USC Psychology Ph.D. Program: Clinical-Community, School, or cognitive and neural sciences
  2. Students must be in good standing in the Psychology Ph.D. Program

Degree Requirements (12 hours)

Students must make a B or better in four, 3-credit hour advanced quantitative courses that are 700-level or higher and have 710 (or comparable course) as a pre-requisite. Assessment classes do not count toward this requirement.

At least three of the four courses are required to be taught in the Psychology Department. Up to one the four courses may be taught in another department, chosen from the list below:

Course Title Credits
BIOS 754Discrete Data Analysis3
or STAT 770 Categorical Data Analysis
BIOS 761Survival Analysis3
BIOS 820Bayesian Biostatistics and Computation3
STAT 824Nonparametric Inference3
or EDRM 712 Nonparametric Statistics
EDRM 728Technical Aspects of Tests and Measurements3
STAT 778Item Response Theory3
or EDRM 828 Item Response Theory
PUBH 791Special Topics Public Health3