Data Science Minor

Degree Requirements (18-19 Hours)

Prerequisites (8 hours)

Course Title Credits
MATH 122Calculus for Business Administration and Social Sciences3
or MATH 141 Calculus I
Total Credit Hours3

Minor Requirements (18 or 19 Hours)

Course Title Credits
Required Foundation Course
CSCE 145Algorithmic Design I4
or CSCE 106 Scientific Applications Programming
Core Computing Courses
CSCE 587Big Data Analytics3
CSCE 567Visualization Tools3
Core Statistics Courses
STAT 509Statistics for Engineers3
or STAT 515 Statistical Methods I
STAT 530Applied Multivariate Statistics and Data Mining3
Elective Course
Select one of the following:3
Options requiring no additional pre-requisites:
Algorithmic Design II
Statistical Methods II
Options requiring additional pre-requisites:
Applied Linear Algebra
Database System Design
Computational Science
Parallel Computing
Bayesian Networks and Decision Graphs
Mathematical Statistics
Advanced Statistical Models
Introduction to Bayesian Data Analysis
Bayesian Networks and Decision Graphs
Total Credit Hours19

Note: The Data Science Minor is designed for students in any discipline that uses large data sets, including Biology, Business, Mathematics, Psychology, etc. Choosing the correct courses is more complicated for students majoring in Computer Engineering, Computer Science, Computer Information Systems, and Statistics.

Course Substitutions

No course used to satisfy a Carolina Core, major, or other minor requirement may be used for the Data Science Minor. In the event of conflict, any elective course may be substituted for a required course in this minor.

Administration of the Minor

Curricula and other decisions of the minor will be made by a committee composed of two faculty appointed by the Chair of Statistics and two faculty appointed by the Chair of Computer Science and Engineering.