Contemporary Music Performance Minor

The minor in Contemporary Music Performance will allow students to hone those skills that are important to performing in modern musical styles.

Admissions Requirements

Current DMA students in at least their second semester of study with approval of the area faculty and the School of Music Graduate Director. 

Degree Requirements (12 hours)

Completion of at least 12 credits of courses focused on Contemporary Performance issues in 4 major areas.

Music Theory (3 hours)

Course Title Credits
Select from the following:
MUSC 723Music and Repetition3
MUSC 724Style and Technique Since 19003
MUSC 726Topics in Music Theory 13
MUSC 731Contemporary Experimental Music3
MUSC 732Music & Modernism3

Music History / Ethnomusicology (3 hours) 

Course Title Credits
Select from the following:
MUSC 744Topics in Music History 13
MUSC 759Music Since 19003

Contemporary Music Advocacy Skills (3 hours)

Course Title Credits
Select from the following:
MUSC 560Introduction to Teaching Artistry3
MUSC 561Teaching Methods and Practicum for Teaching Artists3
MUSC 584Workshop in Music1-3
MUSC 59221st Century Performer3
MUSC 595Community Engagement Through Music2

Contemporary Performance and Composition Skills (3 hours)

Course Title Credits
Select from the following:
MUSC 700Independent Study 21-2
MUSC 735A - MUSC 735R Chamber Music 31-2

Additional Requirement (0 hours)4 

Course Title Credits
Select from the following:
MUSC 892Lecture Recital1
MUSC 893Opera/Oratorio Role1
MUSC 894Concerto Recital1
MUSC 895Chamber Recital1
MUSC 896Solo Recital1

When the course is focused on the 20th or 21st centuries.


Must be focused on either composition or improvisation.


These credits are exclusive of any chamber music requirements in a doctoral degree. The repertoire performed must be exclusively contemporary music, as determined by the instructor of record.


Any recital performed as part of the requirements in the doctoral degree (MUSC 892MUSC 896) must include at least 50% repertoire of music written since 1950. Some repertoire written before 1950 may qualify, but the student must secure the approval of their major professor and the Graduate Director before the recital prospectus is approved.