Play Therapy, Certificate

The Counselor Education Program offers a graduate certificate in play therapy that is designed for individuals who have already completed a Master’s degree or higher in counseling, psychology, or social work. The certificate is also available to students already enrolled in the Counselor Education degree programs at the Ed.S. and Ph.D levels.

The certificate program is designed to meet the requirements of the Association for Play Therapy for post-Master’s graduate education for individuals interested in pursuing the Registered Play Therapy credential. The Association for Play Therapy recommends the following topics be covered in coursework for individuals seeking the Registered Play Therapy credential:

  • Play Therapy History
  • Play Therapy Theories
  • Play Therapy Techniques or Methods
  • Play Therapy Applications

Learning Outcomes

  1. Students describe and demonstrate a high level of competence in understanding and responding to diversity of culture, language, and ethnicity through their interactions with professionals and child clients.
  2. Students demonstrate their in-depth knowledge and apply of the Code of Ethical Conduct and other guidelines relevant to their professional role.
  3. Students apply their high level of oral, written, and technological communication skills, with specialization for the specific professional role(s) emphasized in the certificate.
  4. Students apply their in-depth, critical knowledge of the theory and research relevant to the professional role(s) and focus area(s) emphasized in the certificate.
  5. Students identify and utilize various human material and technological resources needed to perform their professional roles and to keep abreast of the field’s changing knowledge base. 
  6. Students analyze and investigate systematic and professionally accepted approaches/techniques relevant to their practice and professional goals. 
  7. Students apply culturally and ethically relevant skills needed to work collaboratively and effectively with other adults in professional roles.
  8. Students articulate and advocate for sound professional practices and public policies for the positive development and learning of all students. 
  9. Students reflect on and use their abilities and opportunities to think strategically build consensus create change and influence better outcomes for students’ families and the profession. 


The Play Therapy Certificate is open to individuals holding at least a Master’s degree in Counseling, Social Work, or Psychology. Current Counselor Education Ed.S. students and current master's level social work and psychology students are also eligible for the certificate. No more than 6 credit hours from the Ed.S. in Counselor Education can be applied to the Play Therapy Certificate.

Certificate Requirements (12 Hours)

Course Title Credits
Select 4 courses from below as approved by advisor12
Theory and Practice of Play Therapy
Counseling Through Play
Advanced Counseling Through Play
Creative Arts in Counseling
Practicum in Play Therapy
Total Credit Hours12