Coaching Education, M.S.

The master’s degree in coaching education prepares candidates to holistically develop a variety of audiences including athletes, performing artists, military service members and first responders. There are two-degree concentrations: Athletic Coaching and Mental Performance Coaching. Experiences in both concentrations are guided by research, theory and best practices.

The athletic coaching concentration prepares athletic coaches in alignment with the National Standards for Sport Coaches (NSSC) where physical, psychological and social pillars of development shape athlete experiences for sport and life. Program outcomes foster the development of competent coaches who are able to lead interactively by problem solving, valuing and critical thinking. Knowledgebase

The mental performance coaching concentration prepares students with a knowledgebase for enhancing optimal performance, personal growth and wellbeing through the development of mental and emotional skills, attitudes, perspectives and strategies. Coursework prepares students to sit for the Association of Applied Sport Psychology’s Certified Mental Performance Consultant (CMPC) certification exam. It does not provide opportunities for meeting all of the 400 CMPC-supervised hours necessary to take the exam.

Degree Requirements (30 hours)

Successful completion of 30 graduate hours as follows:

Coaching Core (18 hours)

Course Title Credits
PEDU 647Coaching Ethics, Law and Compliance3
PEDU 650Theoretical Foundations of Athletic and Mental Performance Coaching3
PEDU 710Measurement and Research in Physical Education3
PEDU 730Psychosocial Aspects of Athletic Performance and Injury Rehabilitation3
PEDU 731Motor Skill Learning3
PEDU 745Principles and Applications for Long-Term Athletic Development3
Total Credit Hours18

Concentration (6 hours)

Course Title Credits
Select one of the following concentrations:
Athletic Coaching Concentration6
Coaching Administration and Management
Growth and Development Principles for Athlete Selection and Coaching
Mental Performance Coaching Concentration6
Counseling Student Athletes
Psychopathology among Athletes and Performers

Track-Specific Practicums (6 hours)

Course Title Credits
PEDU 748The Art and Science of Coaching Applications3
PEDU 749Practicum for Coaching Athletes and Performers3
Total Credit Hours6

Comprehensive Assessment 

Successful completion of a master’s comprehensive assessment in the form of a portfolio to be evaluated by the student’s program of study committee