Physical Education, M.A.T. (P-12 Certification)

The M.A.T. degree in physical education (K-12) is limited to those candidates seeking teacher certification. Candidates who wish to pursue this degree and have undergraduate degrees in fields other than physical education, exercise science, or kinesiology will be required to complete undergraduate prerequisite courses.

The M.A.T. degree in physical education requires a minimum of 45 hours of graduate course work. In addition, candidates must take undergraduate course work in order to fulfill teacher certification requirements. The graduate program is normally two years. Graduation from the MAT. program requires successful completion of all course work, including internship/directed teaching and a comprehensive examination.

Learning Outcomes

  1. Content Knowledge. Physical education teachers understand physical education content and disciplinary concepts related to the development of a physically educated person.
  2. Growth and Development. Physical education teachers understand how individuals learn and develop and can provide opportunities that support their physical, cognitive, social, and emotional development.
  3. Diverse Students. Physical education teachers understand how individuals differ in their approaches to learning, and create appropriate instruction adapted to these differences.
  4. Management and Motivation. Physical education teachers use an understanding of individual and group motivation and behavior to create a safe learning environment that encourages positive social interaction, active engagement in learning, and self motivation.
  5. Communication. Physical education teachers use knowledge of effective verbal, nonverbal, and media communication techniques to enhance learning and engagement in physical activity settings.
  6. Planning and Instruction. Physical education teachers plan and implement a variety of developmentally appropriate instructional strategies to develop physically educated individuals, based on state and national (NASPE K-12) standards.
  7. Student Assessment. Physical education teachers understand and use assessment to foster physical, cognitive, social, and emotional development of students in physical activity.
  8. Reflection. Physical education teachers are reflective practitioners who evaluate the effects of their actions on others (e.g., students, parents/guardians, fellow professionals), and seek opportunities to grow professionally.
  9. Technology. Physical education teachers use information technology to enhance learning and to enhance personal and professional productivity.
  10. Collaboration. Physical education teachers foster relationships with colleagues, parents/guardians, and community agencies to support students’ growth and well being.

Admissions Criteria

Regulations and requirements for admission to graduate study and graduate degree candidacy for Initial Teacher Certification Programs correspond to those of The Graduate School. To be considered for admission to the M.A.T. in Physical Education, applicants must complete the Graduate School application process, which includes submission of following:

  • Official transcripts
  • Personal Statement
  • Resume
  • 2 Letters of Recommendation

Degree Requirements (45 Hours)

Graduate course requirements include the following:

Physical Education Courses (39 Hours)

Course Title Credits
PEDU 510Teaching Health Related Physical Fitness3
PEDU 515Physical Education for Inclusion3
PEDU 520Observational Analysis of Sports Techniques and Tactics3
EDRD 500Content Area Literacy PK-123
or EDRD 730 Teaching Reading and Writing in the Content Areas
PEDU 710Measurement and Research in Physical Education3
PEDU 722Curriculum Development in Physical Education3
PEDU 729Study of the Teaching of Physical Education3
PEDU 730Psychosocial Aspects of Athletic Performance and Injury Rehabilitation3
PEDU 732Analysis of Instructional Behavior in Physical Activity Programs3
PEDU 778ADirected Student Teaching in Physical Education I6
PEDU 778BDirected Student Teaching in Physical Education II6
Total Credit Hours39

Educational Psychology Courses (3 Hours)

  • As approved by the candidate’s program of study.

Foundations of Education Course (3 Hours)

  • As approved by the candidate’s program of study