Strategic Thinking and Communications, Certificate

This certificate requires a minimum of 12 hours and must be earned in concurrence with an undergraduate degree program. A student may only be awarded the certificate in the same semester the student is awarded an undergraduate degree from the University of South Carolina. At least 50% of a student’s undergraduate certificate coursework must be completed at the University of South Carolina and all coursework that applies to the certificate must be earned with a grade of C or better. 

Admissions Requirements

Students must be concurrently enrolled in a bachelor's degree program. 

Degree Requirements (12 Hours)

The student will select a minimum 12 credits (4 courses)  from the following course selection and must be earned in concurrence with an undergraduate degree program. 

Course Title Credits
Select four courses from the following:12
Cross-Cultural Communication
Cross-Cultural Communication
Introduction to Professional Writing
Introduction to Intercultural Communication
Social Issues in Information and Communications Technologies
Information and Communication Needs and Assessment
Business Communications
Principles of Public Relations
Social Media and Society
Writing for Mass Communications
Law and Ethics of Mass Communications
Internet and Social Media Law
Public Relations for Nonprofit Organizations
Communicating Moral Issues
Medical Ethics
Business Ethics
Engineering Ethics
Language Conflict and Language Rights
Language Conflict and Language Rights
Survey of Social Psychology
Retail Management Strategies
Social Advocacy and Ethical Life
Public Communication
Online Public Communication
Communicating Moral Issues
Business and Professional Speaking
Argumentation and Debate
Persuasive Communication
Total Credit Hours12