Hotel, Restaurant and Tourism Management Minor

Minor Requirements

Course Title Credits
Select six of the following: 118
Introduction to Hospitality Industry 2
Purchasing and Controls
Hospitality Management
Hotel Management
Foundations of Tourism
Club Management
Hotel and Restaurant Law
Wedding Planning and Management
Conference and Meeting Planning
Contract Foodservice Management
Travel and Destination Management
Travel and Tourism Law
Cultural and Heritage Tourism
Tourism Festival Planning and Management
Cruise Ship Industry
Resort Development and Management
HRTM Current Issues
Services Management for Hospitality and Tourism
Wines and Spirits in Food Service Establishments
Analytical Techniques in Tourism and Hospitality
Sustainable Tourism Planning and Policy
Tourism Economics
Tourism Information Technology Issues
Sustainable Tourism
Hospitality Human Capital and Talent Management
Multi-Cultural Dimensions of the Hospitality Industry
Security Management of Hotels and Restaurants
Advanced Lodging Management
Advanced Meeting Management
International Lodging Management
Timeshare and Vacation Ownership Management
Managing Food Service Operations
Franchising within the Hospitality Industry
Adventure Travel Management
Advanced Club Management
Special Topics in HRTM
Global Travel and Tourism
Total Credit Hours18