Chemical Engineering, Minor

Minor Requirements (18 Hours)

The Chemical Engineering minor requires:

Course Title Credits
Required Courses (12 hours):
ECHE 300Chemical Process Principles3
ECHE 311Chemical Engineering Thermodynamics3
ECHE 320Chemical Engineering Fluid Mechanics3
or ENCP 360 Fluid Mechanics
ECHE 440Separation Process Design3
Chemical Engineering Minor Electives (6 hours) : 6 additional hours selected from:6
Minor Electives that do not require MATH 242
Introduction to Materials
Special Topics in Chemical Engineering
Computational Fluid Dynamics for Engineering Applications
Corrosion Engineering
Polymer Processing
Next Energy
Engineering of Soft Materials
Special Advanced Topics in Chemical Engineering
Minor Electives that require MATH 242 as pre-requisite
Heat-Flow Analysis 1
Chemical Engineering Kinetics 2
Computational Methods for Engineering Applications 3
Chemical-Process Dynamics and Control 4
Total Credit Hours18

Requires MATH 242 as a pre-requisite, and ECHE 456 as a pre-requisite or co-requisite


Requires ECHE 321 as a pre-requisite or co-requisite, or BMEN 354 as a pre-requisite.


Requires MATH 242 as a pre-requisite or co-requisite


Requires both MATH 242 and ECHE 456 as a pre-requisites