Leadership, Learning Design, and Inquiry

Peter Moyi, Chair

EDAD 690  - Independent Study  (1-3 Credits)  
EDCS 625  - Solving Practical Problems in School Curriculum  (3 Credits)  
An introduction to current and promising designs and approaches to curriculum development from grades K-12.
EDCS 690  - Independent Study  (1-3 Credits)  
EDET 215  - Introduction to Design Thinking and Computer Science Education  (1 Credit)  
A survey of design thinking and computer science education topics and skills. Students will (a) use design thinking to solve problems and develop products and (b) explore a variety of technologies and their applications in the workplace, with hobbies, and within PK-12 schools.
EDET 603  - Design and Development Tools I  (3 Credits)  
Study of multimedia elements (e.g., graphics, animation, audio, and video) including the creation and editing of materials. Instructional applications, copyright issues, and technology limitations will be explored.
EDET 650  - Internship in Educational Technology  (3 Credits)  
Supervised field-based experiences in the design, development, evaluation, and implementation of technology-based instructional and training projects.
Prerequisites: EDET 603, EDET 703, and EDET 722.
EDET 652  - Design and Evaluation of Games and Simulations  (3 Credits)  
Application of instructional design criteria to computer and noncomputer interactions. Analyses include requisite cognitive processes, affective outcomes, and ethical standards. Design and formative testing of interactive exercises.
EDFI 300  - Schools in Communities  (3 Credits)  
Social, political, and historical aspects of diverse educational institutions in American culture with an emphasis on families, schools, and communities. Sophomore standing.
Graduation with Leadership Distinction: GLD: Community Service
EDFI 321  - Dynamics of American Public Education  (3 Credits)  
Extensive treatment of the social, political, economic, and philosophical influences that have shaped public education. Analysis of the financial, organizational, and legal aspects of education. Library assignments provide a working knowledge of professional standard references and journals. Junior or higher standing.
EDFI 350  - Antiracist Education  (3 Credits)  
Basic concepts, issues, and practices of antiracist education. Topics include individual and institutional racism, overt and covert racism, curriculum, textbooks, power relationships, teacher-student relationships, and privacy.
Cross-listed course: AFAM 350
Graduation with Leadership Distinction: GLD: Professional and Civic Engagement Leadership Experiences
EDFI 357  - Sociology of Education  (3 Credits)  
Analysis of educational institutions, organizations, processes, and their effects in contemporary society.
Cross-listed course: SOCY 357
Graduation with Leadership Distinction: GLD: Diversity and Social Advocacy
EDFI 361  - Comparative and International Education  (3 Credits)  
Understanding of schooling in a global society. An introduction to comparative and international education and its major theories practices and research methodologies with an examination of educational issues, levels and system in a variety of cultural contexts and countries.
Graduation with Leadership Distinction: GLD: Global Learning
EDFI 399  - Independent Study  (3 Credits)  
Contract approved by instructor, advisor, and department chair is required for undergraduate students.
Graduation with Leadership Distinction: GLD: Research
EDFI 592  - Historical Foundations of American Educational Thought  (3 Credits)  
A survey of the history, philosophy, administration, and legal bases of American education.
EDFI 643  - Southern Educational History  (3 Credits)  
Development of educational institutions in Southern society with special attention given to South Carolina.
EDFI 690  - Independent Study  (1-3 Credits)  
EDHE 600  - Special Problems in Higher Education and Student Affairs  (1-3 Credits)  
The course is designed to provide opportunities for the study of special topics in higher education and student affairs administration.
EDLP 317  - Law and Policy Studies in Education  (3 Credits)  
Policy issues affecting public and private educational institutions across the PK-20 continuum (pre-school through higher education).
EDLP 520  - The Teacher as Manager  (3 Credits)  
To help teachers, principals, and other personnel solve school problems by identifying and applying selected management techniques.
Graduation with Leadership Distinction: GLD: Professional and Civic Engagement Leadership Experiences
Experiential Learning: Experiential Learning Opportunity
EDLP 525  - Resources for Teaching and Learning  (3 Credits)  
An introduction to educational technology, its increasing importance in the total school program, and its relationship to learning theories and communication.
EDLP 601  - The Effective Teacher  (3 Credits)  
Use of theory and research to understand and improve classroom teaching. Emphasis on teacher reflection and decision-making. The administrative role in enhancing effectiveness is highlighted.
EDLP 690  - Independent Study  (1-3 Credits)