Religious Studies (RELG)

RELG 101  - Exploring Religion  (3 Credits)  
Beliefs and practices of the world's religions and the methods scholars use to study them.
Carolina Core: GSS
RELG 120  - Comparative Religion  (3 Credits)  
Issues, theories, and debates that shape global religious traditions, cultures, and communities; examination of historical contexts and development, applying social scientific inquiry and methods to analyze relevant current circumstances and concerns.
RELG 202  - Introduction to Reason and Faith  (3 Credits)  
Critical study of the intellectual strands leading to Western disconnections between reason and faith; the search for balance between belief and reason with emphasis on contemporary developments.
RELG 240  - Introduction to Christianity  (3 Credits)  
Introduction to the Christian religion, with emphasis on the history of the major traditions and movements that have shaped the multicultural practices and social impact of modern global Christianity.
RELG 301  - Hebrew Bible (Old Testament)  (3 Credits)  
Modern study of the Hebrew Bible from historical, literary, and archeological points of view. Reading and analysis of texts in translation.
Cross-listed course: JSTU 301
RELG 302  - New Testament  (3 Credits)  
Historical and critical study of the New Testament writings, with emphasis on origins, production, and transmission.