Economics (ECON)

ECON 123  - The American Economy  (3 Credits)  
Basic concepts, institutional foundations, structure of the private and public sector, labor markets; major economic problems.
ECON 221  - Principles of Microeconomics  (3 Credits)  
The study of supply and demand, pricing and cost concepts, firm and consumer decision-making, market structure, and government policies.
ECON 222  - Principles of Macroeconomics  (3 Credits)  
The study of gross domestic product, business cycles, economic growth, inflation, unemployment, and monetary and fiscal policy.
ECON 301  - Money and Banking  (3 Credits)  
The role of money in the market economy. Commercial banks, the Federal Reserve System, and monetary policy. Cannot be used to satisfy major requirements.
Prerequisites: ECON 221 and ECON 222, or ECON 224.
ECON 363  - Business Finance  (3 Credits)  
The procurement and management of wealth by privately owned profit-seeking enterprises.
Prerequisites: ECON 221, ACCT 225, and 3 hours of statistics at the 200-level.
ECON 379  - Government Policy Toward Business  (3 Credits)  
An analysis of public policy toward business in the United States. Emphasis is on the desirability of various policies in light of their consequences for the general welfare.
Prerequisites: ECON 221 and ECON 222, or ECON 224.