Physical Education (PEDU)

PEDU 103  - Jogging  (1 Credit)  
Exercise, lectures, and self-evaluation for weight control and fitness improvement.
PEDU 104  - Personal Fitness and Weight Control  (1 Credit)  
Advanced techniques for controlling weight and improving fitness through exercise, lectures, and self-evaluation.
PEDU 105  - Weight Training  (1 Credit)  
Fundamentals of progressive resistance exercise training.
PEDU 106  - Advanced Weight Training  (1 Credit)  
Advanced techniques.
Prerequisites: PEDU 105.
PEDU 107  - Group Exercise  (1 Credit)  
Cardio-respiratory fitness, flexibility, muscular strength and endurance, and agility through various group exercise formats while utilizing a variety of equipment.
PEDU 110  - Orientation to Physical Education  (1 Credit)  
Experiences in a variety of physical-activity areas.
PEDU 111  - Badminton  (1 Credit)  
Basic strokes and introduction to the history, rules, and strategy of the game.
PEDU 112  - Basketball  (1 Credit)  
Fundamental skills of game performance. Strategy, rules, and basic offenses and defenses.
PEDU 120  - Softball  (1 Credit)  
Fundamental skills for game performance; history, rules, and game strategy.
PEDU 121  - Beginning Tennis  (1 Credit)  
Basic strokes, history, rules, and strategy of the game.
PEDU 122  - Volleyball  (1 Credit)  
Recreational and competitive volleyball skills.
PEDU 123  - Pilates  (1 Credit)  
Focus is placed on mind-body exercises which help strengthen and condition the muscles. Each exercise will focus on building core strength, lengthening muscles, and improving flexibility. Proper breathing will also be demonstrated for each exercise in order to achieve the maximum benefits.
PEDU 153  - Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation  (1 Credit)  
Knowledge and skills in providing artificial respiration, first aid for foreign body obstruction, one and two rescuer CPR for adults, infants, and children.
PEDU 232  - Philosophy and Principles of Physical Education  (3 Credits)  
Historical background, current problems, and publications.