Course Policies

Student Expectations & Attendance

Students are obligated to complete all assigned work promptly, to attend class regularly, and to participate in class discussions/group exercises.

Students must be physically present in class in order to receive credit for attendance, in-class quizzes, participation assignments, etc. In the case of synchronous web-based courses, students must be logged in prior to the start of class and remain present throughout the entirety of the class in order to receive credit for attendance, in-class quizzes, participation assignments, etc.. Students who utilize methods to receive credit for in-class assignments while being physically located outside the classroom or not logged into the web-based course will be referred to the UofSC Office of Academic Integrity and provided grade sanctions as per individual course syllabi.

Attendance is expected for all classes. The course coordinator may choose to establish a specific attendance policy in an individual course and this policy, along with consequences of violation of this attendance policy, should be presented to students enrolled in the class at the beginning of the semester, as part of the course syllabus. The course coordinator may choose to exact a grade penalty for excessive absences as defined in the course specific attendance policy.

Students are required to attend 100 percent of laboratory course meetings.

The Associate Dean for Student Affairs and Diversity or Senior Associate Dean (or their designee) may excuse students for significant absences (usually related to health issues or family deaths). A medical excuse or other appropriate documentation is required to be submitted if the absence occurs on an exam or laboratory day unless preapproved through the Dean’s Office. All other class absences must be approved by the course coordinator. 

The College of Pharmacy follows the University of South Carolina policy on observance of religious holy days.

Students may request approval from individual Faculty to be absent from class to attend a professional meeting or event. A student must provide at least 4 weeks’ advance notice to the Faculty member, who may or may not approve the request. 

Severe Weather Policy

In the event of a weather emergency which might affect class schedules, the College of Pharmacy will follow the guidelines as provided by the University of South Carolina.

Students should access the UofSC website at to determine if there has been an official announcement that classes have been cancelled or delayed. College of Pharmacy students may receive severe weather alerts from the university and should follow the guidelines of the university regarding cancellation or delay of classes.

The Dean will determine the specifics of how the College of Pharmacy will follow university guidelines and will inform the Director of Communications/IT Staff. The Director of Communications/IT Staff will be responsible for posting a notice on the front page of the College of Pharmacy website and via other electronic avenues of communication such as Facebook and Twitter. Students will receive an email notifying them of the effect on the College of Pharmacy.

The Greenville Campus Clinical Associate Dean or designee will notify students on the Greenville campus about any changes in class schedules due to inclement weather. Students should check the College of Pharmacy website for additional information. 

In the event that the weather emergency affects only one campus, then classes/labs will occur at the unaffected campus, if lectures/labs were scheduled from the unaffected campus on that day. Lectures will either be recorded, provided via synchronous web-based instruction, or alternate arrangements made available to all College of Pharmacy students whose campus was affected.

The affected campus coordinator will determine lab make-up date(s) and time(s). If an exam was scheduled for the day, then the exam will be delayed on both campuses until another regular class meeting time or, when possible, delivered as scheduled using virtually proctored examination technology.

UofSC procedures in the event of severe weather do not apply during IPPEs and APPEs. Students are required to contact their preceptor to determine whether travel to rotation is safe and/or the rotation site is open. If inclement weather is predicted, the student should develop a plan with their preceptor in advance. Under no circumstances should the student ASSUME that they are not to report to rotation. 

Temporary Student Attendance at an Alternate Campus

Students may request to temporarily transfer to an alternate campus for a limited time period (less than 1 semester). Reasons for the request may be self/family health issues or personal issues. The student must meet with the Associate Dean for Student Affairs and Diversity to discuss the circumstances. If the Associate Dean for Student Affairs and Diversity deems the request valid, the alternate campus will be contacted to determine if any space or other applicable issues prevent the student from completing this temporary transfer. Upon approval, the student must submit in writing a request for the transfer as well as the time period involved to the Associate Dean for Student Affairs and Diversity.

Greenville campus students may attend classes on the Columbia campus for an individual day at a time as needs may arise of which the student will be present on the Columbia campus for an extracurricular or co-curricular event that day. Individual day attendance in these situations does not require a written or pre-approval from the Associate Dean for Student Affairs and Diversity. However, the affected student is responsible for communicating with the course coordinators on both campuses for the day in advance to determine any complications of this temporary attendance (i.e. in cases of exams or group presentations).

Distance Education Policy

The College of Pharmacy may utilize distance education technology in the teaching of didactic courses during the professional program in regards to the third professional year offered at the Greenville Campus and any course-specific instances requiring such technology.  Use of distance education is not a substitute for in-class attendance as the UofSC College of Pharmacy is not an online Pharm.D. program. The UofSC College of Pharmacy may utilize synchronous web-based instruction to deliver course content when live course meetings cannot be held due to weather, public health, or other emergencies.

Student Honor Code Policy

Policies regarding honor code and academic integrity for students enrolled in the College of Pharmacy are defined in the UofSC Honor Code, Carolinean Creed, and UofSC Office of Student Conduct and Academic Integrity website.

Any reports of potential Student Honor Code violation by faculty, staff, or students may be sent to the UofSC Office of Academic Integrity. The UofSC Office of Student Conduct and Academic Integrity website will provide the guidelines for dealing with these situations.

Students who receive a “Responsible” finding from an incident that was dealt with by the UofSC Office of Student Conduct and Academic Integrity are also subject to sanctions at the College of Pharmacy level, which are described in the Professionalism Policy housed in this document. 

Copyright Policy

The College of Pharmacy seeks to aid enrolled students by offering limited (i.e. not offered for every course) electronic presentations and recordings of lectures as a study tool and to better meet individual learning needs. With the growing use of technology, students and faculty have the responsibility to understand and observe copyright law including educational fair use guidelines, obtain written permission, and to follow UofSC policy.

As supplemental tools, all material found in lectures is owned by the College of Pharmacy and is protected by United States Copyright laws. Lecture material is only available to students enrolled in the course where the content is available, and use is not permitted outside the scope of the course. Recorded lectures will only be posted to Blackboard and may not be distributed by students through any avenue (i.e., text, social media).

Material found in the lectures may not be photocopied, screen-shot, duplicated or distributed by any student without the express, written permission from the faculty member who created the material. Video, audio, or photographic recordings of course material are strictly prohibited. Recordings, course material, and lecture notes may not be reproduced verbatim nor uploaded to publicly accessible web environments. Recordings and course material may not be exchanged nor distributed to a third party for compensation. 

Recordings and course material may not be used for any purpose other than personal study and may not violate any policies herein. An individual may individually print copies of lecture material solely for personal use under the scope of the course. Duplication or dissemination of lecture materials without authorized use may violate federal or state law and UofSC University policies.

Failure to adhere to these policies is a violation of the College of Pharmacy Professionalism Policy and may result in disciplinary action under University guidelines. For any further assistance with copyright matters, faculty and students may seek guidance from the Library Staff or the Dean’s Office. 

Audience Response System Policy

Students are required to purchase a multi-year (3 years) access of the Top Hat Audience Response System prior to P1 Orientation. This system will be utilized throughout courses in the didactic curriculum.