Nurse Anesthesia, D.N.A.P.


Prerequisites must be met prior to an offer for an interview. Admission is competitive and students are chosen on the basis of their academic record, employment history and performance, character, and general fitness for the study of nurse anesthesia. To be accepted, the applicant must interview and demonstrate evidence of good physical health, emotional stability, and personality considered necessary for successful performance as a nurse anesthetist. Applicants to the Graduate Program in Nurse Anesthesia are recommended by an interview admissions committee composed of faculty from the USC School of Medicine, clinical coordinators, and nurse anesthesia students.

Final decision for admission is made by program faculty in conjunction with the University of South Carolina Graduate School.  

Curriculum and Degree Requirements (114 Hours)

Integration of clinical training with coursework is a key feature of the program with students beginning supervised clinical experience in the third semester. A state-of-art simulation laboratory provides an interactive system to teach both psychomotor clinical skills and crisis resource management. The curriculum consists of a 36-month course of study including clinical training and didactic courses in physiology, pharmacology, principles of anesthesia, and others. To meet the criteria for graduation and to meet the requirements to sit for the Certification Exam from the Council on Certification, students participate in a minimum of 600 anesthesia cases covering a variety of clinical experiences including general and regional anesthetics for pediatrics, obstetrics, geriatrics, cardiovascular-thoracic, neurological, plastic otolaryngology, ophthalmology, urology, orthopedics, and radiological procedures. The majority of clinical training occurs at Prisma Health Richland and Prisma Health Greenville Memorial, however clinical affiliations currently exist at several additional enrichment sites where students may rotate to gain more diverse clinical experience. 

In addition to the below requirements, all students must maintain a RN license in good standing, and ACLS, BLS, and PALS training must be current at the time of graduation. Students must meet all the requirements of The National Board of Certification and Recertification for Nurse Anesthetists (NBCRNA) to be eligible to take the Certification exam upon graduation. These requirements can be found on the NBCRNA website.

Required Courses

The following courses are required in the Graduate Program in Nurse Anesthesia:

Course Title Credits
ASNR 700Introduction to Nurse Anesthesia Practice2
ASNR 702Professional Roles and Scholarship for the DNAP3
ASNR 704Nurse Anesthesia Doctoral Student Development3
ASNR 750Health Policy, Ethics, and Legal Concepts for the DNAP Nurse Anesthetist3
ASNR 752Health Systems for the Nurse Anesthetist3
ASNR 754Health Care Informatics for the Nurse Anesthetist3
ASNR 760Clinical Topics in Nurse Anesthesia Practice I2
ASNR 761Basic Anesthesia Principles I4
ASNR 762Basic Anesthesia Principles II4
ASNR 763Advanced Principles in Nurse Anesthesia Practice4
ASNR 771Introduction to Nurse Anesthesia Practicum1
ASNR 772Seminar in Nurse Anesthesia I2
ASNR 773Clinical Practicum I2
ASNR 775Clinical Practicum II6
ASNR 777Clinical Practicum III6
ASNR 779Clinical Practicum IV6
ASNR 781Clinical Practicum V6
ASNR 795Application of Physical and Chemical Concepts in Nurse Anesthesia Practice3
ASNR 797Professional Role of the DNAP Nurse Anesthetist I3
ASNR 800Integration of Concepts Across Nurse Anesthesia Practice2
ASNR 801Specialty Focus Simulation I1
ASNR 798Application of Biomedical Concepts in Nurse Anesthesia Practice3
ASNR 802Specialty Focus Simulation II1
ASNR 824Evidence-Based Decisions and Nurse Anesthesia3
ASNR 860Clinical Topics in Nurse Anesthesia Practice II2
ASNR 872Seminar in Nurse Anesthesia II2
ASNR 896Professional Role of the DNAP Nurse Anesthetist II3
ASNR 897DNAP Project I2
ASNR 898DNAP Project II (offered twice)2
NURS 707Advanced Pathophysiology for Nurses3
ASNR 720Advanced Comprehensive Health Assessment3
NURS 717Application of Basic Statistics for Nursing Practice & Service Management3
NURS 790Research Methods for Nursing3
PHPH 701Physiology for Health Sciences6
ASNR 724Leadership in Nurse Anesthesia Practice3
PHPH 705Biomedical Pharmacology6
Total Credit Hours114