Electrical Engineering, M.S.

Degree Requirements (30 Hours)

24 hours of graduate coursework (excluding thesis preparation hours) tailored to the student’s research interests and selected with approval from the student’s thesis advisor so as to build depth of knowledge in a focus area.

Course Title Credits
ELCT 799Thesis Preparation6


  • Minimum of 12 hours taken from ELCT courses at the 700-level or above, exclusive of thesis preparation hours
  • Not more than 6 hours of ELCT 897
  • Not more than 6 hours of non-ELCT courses
  • ELCT 797 - Research cannot be counted toward degree requirements

Any changes to an approved program of study require approval of the graduate director and must be made at least one semester before graduation.

Additional Degree Requirements

The Comprehensive Exam consists of a public presentation of the thesis topic followed by a private oral exam administered by the student’s Thesis Advisor and Second Reader.