Foreign Language, M.A.T. (P-12 Certification)

Degree Requirements (45 Hours)

All candidates must complete 21 hours of graduate course work focusing specifically on their respective language and specific language-teaching area, and 24 hours of graduate course work in professional education more generally, as well as fulfill all other requirements for Class I licensure. Course work in a respective language should cover a range of topics in the areas of linguistics, literature, culture, and the teaching of the respective language, and should be taken in consultation with the student’s academic advisor in order to prepare for the MAT comprehensive exam.  A breakdown of required courses across the Spanish, French, and German programs are as follows:

Specific Language and Language Teaching Requirements (21 Hours)

Course Title Credits
FREN/GERM/SPAN 500+ — Three courses approved by academic advisor9
Select one of the following:3
French Linguistics
Introduction to German Linguistics
Introduction to Spanish Linguistics
FREN/GERM/SPAN 700+ — Course approved by academic advisor 3
FORL 510Teaching Second Languages to Young Children (with focus on student’s respective language)3
FORL 776The Teaching of Foreign Languages in College (with focus on student’s respective language)3
Total Credit Hours21

Professional Licensure Course Requirements (24 Hours)

Course Title Credits
Select one of the following courses focusing on teaching literacy, reading, and/or writing:3
Content Area Literacy PK-12
Teaching Reading in the Content Area to Adolescents with Reading Disabilities
Teaching Reading and Writing in the Content Areas
Teaching Reading and Writing in the Content Areas
EDPY 705Human Growth and Development3
or EDPY 707 Growth and Development: Middle Childhood and Adolescence
FORL 511Teaching Foreign Languages in Secondary Schools3
FORL 772Technology in Foreign Language Education3
FORL 774ATeaching Internship (Foreign Languages)3
FORL 774BTeaching Internship (Foreign Languages)9
Total Credit Hours24