Secondary Education, M.T.

There are two ways to enter and complete the M.T. degree:

  1. Fifth-year Route- The 5th-year program, designed for candidates who attend The University of South Carolina as undergraduates, earn a bachelor’s degree in an appropriate content major and complete a 12-credit hour education core of courses (EDFI 300, EDPY 401, EDSE 500,EDSE 502.  Students pursuing the M.T. degree in Secondary English takeEDSE 547instead ofEDSE 502.
  2. Career Changer Route- The career change route is for those who have decided to become a teacher after completing or near the end of their bachelor’s degree program in an appropriate content major. Students entering with this path will not have had the 12-credit hour education core in their undergraduate program.

Prerequisite Content Area Courses

Most applicants who have completed an undergraduate degree in the content area they want to teach (English, science, social studies, or math) will have met the prerequisite content area courses. Prerequisites can be found on the College of Education website. A program advisor will review previous coursework completed to determine if any additional courses are necessary.

Degree Requirements (33-36 Hours)

Students entering program through the 5th-year route with the specified education cognate (12 hours), complete a minimum of 33 hours. Other students entering as career changers without the specified undergraduate education cognate complete a minimum of 36 hours.

Educational Psychology (3 Hours)

Required for Career Changer route students

Course Title Credits
EDPY 705Human Growth and Development3
or EDPY 707 Growth and Development: Middle Childhood and Adolescence
Total Credit Hours3

Reading and Literacy Requirements (6 Hours)

Course Title Credits
Students in Mathematics, Science, and Social Studies must complete:
EDRD 731Assessment and the Foundations of Reading/Writing3
EDRD 732Teaching Reading and Writing in the Content Areas3
Students in English must complete:
EDRD 600Foundations of Reading Instruction3
EDRD 651Introduction to Teaching Media Literacy3

Professional Education and Teaching Methods (9 Hours)

Course Title Credits
Select three courses based on concentration area from the following:
EDSE 786The Teaching of Literature in the Secondary School3
EDSE 787The Teaching of Composition in the Secondary School3
EDSE 728Advanced Study of the Teaching of English in Secondary Schools3
EDSE 553Teaching Middle and High School (Science)3
EDTE 671Computers in Science Education3
EDSE 732Advanced Study of the Teaching of Science in Secondary Schools3
EDSE 550Teaching Middle and High School (Mathematics)3
EDSE 764Advanced Study of the Teaching of Mathematics in Secondary Schools3
EDSE 770Technology in Mathematics Education3
Social Studies
EDSE 558Teaching Middle and High School (History and Social Studies)3
EDSE 729Advanced Study of the Teaching of History and Social Studies in Secondary Schools3
EDSE 733Selected Topics in Social Studies Education3

Content and Pedagogy Elective (3 Hours)

Students will take one additional 3-hour content or pedagogy elective as approved by adivsor.

Internship and Seminar (15 Hours)

Course Title Credits
Internship I3
Select one of the following:
Teaching Internship in Middle or High School (History and Social Studies)
Teaching Internship in Middle or High School (Science)
Teaching Internship in Middle or High School (Mathematics)
Teaching Internship in Middle or High School (English)
Internship II9
Select one of the following:
Teaching Internship in High School History and Social Studies
Teaching Internship in High School English
Teaching Internship in High School Science
Teaching Internship in High School Mathematics
EDSE 585Secondary Internship Seminar I1
EDSE 586Secondary Internship Seminar II2
Total Credit Hours15