Nuclear Engineering Minor

Minor Requirements (18 Hours)

The Nuclear Engineering Minor requires four Core Courses, one Nuclear Engineering Elective, and one Engineering Elective.

Core Courses

Course Title Credits
EMCH 552Introduction to Nuclear Engineering3
EMCH 553Nuclear Fuel Cycles3
EMCH 557Introduction to Radiation Shielding and Sources3
EMCH 558Introduction to Nuclear Reactor Systems3
Total Credit Hours12

Nuclear Engineering Elective (3 hours)

Course Title Credits
Select one from the following:3
Introduction to Nuclear Safeguards
Instrumentation for Nuclear Engineering
Introduction to Risk Analysis and Reactor Safety
Introduction to Nuclear Materials

Engineering Elective (3 hours)

Select any 3-credit EMCH course numbered 300 and above that is not used to meet another requirement of the minor or a major requirement in the student’s program of study.

Students are encouraged to select the Engineering Elective from the list of Nuclear Engineering Electives or in consultation with their academic advisor.


Most of the courses in the minor have prerequisites, which may include CHEM 111,  PHYS 111, and/or MATH 141, MATH 142, MATH 241 or MATH 242.