Engr and Computing (ENCP)

ENCP 101  - Introduction to Engineering  (3 Credits)  
Engineering problem solving using computers and other engineering tools.
ENCP 102  - Introduction to Computer-Aided Design  (3 Credits)  
Principles and practice of visualization and graphical representation using modern computer-aided design tools.
ENCP 200  - Statics  (3 Credits)  
Introduction to the principles of mechanics. Equilibrium of particles and rigid bodies. Distributed forces, centroids, and centers of gravity. Moments of inertia of areas. Analysis of simple structures and machines. A study of various types of friction.
Prerequisites: MATH 141.
ENCP 210  - Dynamics  (3 Credits)  
Kinematics of particles and rigid bodies. Kinetics of particles with emphasis on Newton’s second law; energy and momentum methods for the solution of problems. Applications of plane motion of rigid bodies.
Prerequisites: ENCP 200 or ECIV 200 or EMCH 200.