Doctor of Pharmacy Elective Course Options

Doctor of Pharmacy students must complete 8 total hours of approved elective course credit by the end of the third professional year and prior to matriculation to Advanced Pharmacy Practice Experiences. In addition to elective PHMY courses which have been developed and are offered by College of Pharmacy faculty, Professional Master of Business Administration and Master of Health Information Technology courses completed through the Moore School of Business or College of Engineering & Computing can be counted for Doctor of Pharmacy elective credit as well. Additionally, the following select undergraduate courses can count towards Doctor of Pharmacy elective credit to a maximum of 3 credit hours as long as the course has not been counted toward a prior degree:

Course Title Credits
ACCT 222Survey of Accounting (*)3
or RETL 261 Principles of Accounting I
FINA 369Personal Finance (*)3
MKTG 350Principles of Marketing (*)3
FORL 501Spanish for Medical Personnel3
PHIL 321Medical Ethics3
HPEB 321Personal and Community Health3
POLI 215Introduction to Leadership Studies3
HPEB 335First Aid and Emergency Preparedness3
PSYC 503Psychology of Drug Use and Effects3
MGMT 371Principles of Management3
SCHC 364HNRS: Proseminar in Spanish3

Only count towards Doctor of Pharmacy credit if taken while enrolled in the professional degree curriculum.

The below Doctor of Pharmacy elective courses have been developed and are offered by College of Pharmacy faculty. Elective courses are offered based on faculty availability, space availability, and sufficient enrollment.

Course Title Credits
PHMY 786Pediatric Pharmacotherapy2
PHMY 792Advanced Pharmacy Compounding I1
PHMY 793Advanced Topics in Pharmacy Compounding II1
PHMY 794Pharmacist Entrepreneurship3
PHMY 776Developing a Medication Therapy Management Service2
PHMY 851Acute Care Therapeutics2
PHMY 857Community Pharmacy Practice and Operations2
PHMY 858Drug Interactions2
PHMY 859Design and Conduct of Clinical Research Studies2
PHMY 863Medication Safety Management2
PHMY 879Patient-Centered Approach to Medication Therapy Management2
PHMY 881Senior Care Pharmacy Practice2
PHMY 884Delivering MTM Services2
PHMY 886Pharmacotherapy Cases2
PHMY 887Advanced Endocrinology2
PHMY 898Telemental Health3
P2 or P3
PHMY 716Special Project, Dept. of Pharmaceutical & Biomedical Sciences1-4
PHMY 717Cancer: Causes, Treatment, and Prevention2
PHMY 756Clinical Immunology and Transplant2
PHMY 757Special Project, Dept of Pharmacy and Outcome Sciences1-4
PHMY 762Creating Pharmacy Leaders2
PHMY 763Introduction to Pharmacy Pathways and Careers3
PHMY 764Personal Finance3
PHMY 765Introduction to Pharmaceutical Industry2
PHMY 766Alternative Medicine2
PHMY 767Off the SCRIPT: Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Perspectives in Health Care2
PHMY 774Pharmacy Political Advocacy2
PHMY 779Advanced Self-Care2
PHMY 784Post-graduate and Research Training2
PHMY 788Interprofessional Prevention of Childhood Obesity2
PHMY 855The What, Why, and How of Health Sciences Research1
PHMY 856Evidence Based Medicine2
PHMY 882Integrated Pharmacy: Infectious Diseases Pharmacotherapy in Patient Care2
PHMY 891Clinical Pharmacogenomics and Advanced Personalized Medicine3