International Business / Law, I.M.B.A. / J.D.

Degree Requirements I.M.B.A. (68 Hours) / J.D. (90 Hours)

Students in the I.M.B.A./J.D. program must take 9 credit hours of electives in the Moore School. An additional 12 credit hours in the Joseph F. Rice School of Law will be used to satisfy the 21 elective credit hours required for the I.M.B.A. degree. All of these elective courses must be included in the I.M.B.A. program of study. Upon approval of the graduate director and dean of The Graduate School, business-related law school electives may be substituted for Moore School electives. Such substitution is permissible only if the business-related law school electives are not counting toward the J.D. degree. Students must supply the I.M.B.A. office with a letter from the law school registrar stating that any substitute business-related law school electives are not also being used to satisfy the J.D. degree.