Information Security and Cyber Leadership, Certificate

Industry data indicates that pathways to cybersecurity jobs are changing. More than half of cybersecurity professionals start their careers in another field and then transfer to cybersecurity. In fact, in terms of diversity and inclusion, women, Black/African American and Hispanic/Latinx cybersecurity professionals are more likely to come from a non-technical background into the field of cybersecurity. This program covers the knowledge and skills required for professionals to better understand and integrate the critical human and sociotechnical aspects of professional responsibilities associated with the complicated technology planning, applications, and management in cyber environments. An additional aim is to foster leadership qualities that allow students to step into administrative positions in cybersecurity and human-technology integration environments. 

Learning Outcomes

  1. Explain the structure of a cybersecurity system, implement the system, handle the system operations, and evaluate the system efficiency
  2. Strategically analyze the external and internal environments of an organization to create and facilitate a human-systems integration process
  3. Create teams for human-systems integration environments and facilitate team communication and coordination

Degree Requirements (12 Hours)

Students in this certificate must complete 12 hours of coursework.

Required (Core) Courses (6 Hours)

Course Title Credits
ISCI 780Information Networks3
Select one of the following: 3
Special Topics in International Information Issues
Seminar in Applied Information Systems for Information Specialists
Total Credit Hours6

Elective Courses (6 Hours)

Students in this certificate program must complete 6 hours in courses such as the following:

Course Title Credits
ISCI 560Data Visualization3
ISCI 709Fundamentals of Data and Digital Communications3
ISCI 726Knowledge Management for Library and Information Professionals3
ISCI 768Challenges in Information Intensive Organization Administration3
ISCI 770Design and Management of Databases3
ISCI 772Strategic Intelligence for Information Professionals3
ISCI 776Web Technologies for Information Specialists3
ISCI 788Implementing Data and Digital Communications3
ISCI 795Special Topics in International Information Issues3

Note: the program advisor(s) will help students choose courses based on their career interests and goals.