Teaching and Learning, Ph.D.

In addition to The Graduate School’s application requirements, applicants must submit a letter of intent. Applicants who meet program criteria will be interviewed by a committee of faculty members.

Degree Requirements (60 Post-Masters Hours)

A minimum of 60 post-masters hours required.

The total number of hours required may vary depending on prior graduate coursework completed, but must be no less than 60 graduate hours. Based on the curriculum described below, a program of study will be developed with the student’s advisor and must be approved by the Graduate Director and the Dean of the Graduate School. Courses listed on the program of study must be completed no more than 10 years prior to graduation.

Program of Study

The student’s program advisory committee will evaluate previous course work and experiences and recommend appropriate courses to ensure that at the completion of the program the student can demonstrate the knowledge, skills, and dispositions typically developed in the following course work:

Teacher Education (18 Hours)

Course Title Credits
Select six hours in pedagogy courses at the 800-level within or across the content areas such as literacy, mathematics, science, language arts, the arts, and social studies6
Select six additional hours of advanced and doctoral (700 and 800 level) coursework involving instruction selected from below or other as approved by advisor:6
Teaching Reasoning and Inquiry Skills
Educating African-American Students
Equity Pedagogies in Teacher Education
Models of Instruction
Select six hours of advanced and doctoral (700 and 800-level) coursework in the area(s) of diversity and/or curriculum as approved by advisor6
Total Credit Hours18

Research (18 Hours)

Course Title Credits
EDRM 710Educational Statistics I3
EDFI 731Qualitative Inquiry3
EDTE 851Internship in Research in Teaching and Learning3
EDTE 870Seminar in Instruction and Teacher Education3
Select six hours of educational research as approved by advisor6
Total Credit Hours18

Internship (3 Hours)

Course Title Credits
EDTE 850Internship in Teaching3
Total Credit Hours3

Cognate (9 Hours)

  • A minimum of 9 hours as approved by advisor.

Dissertation (12 Hours)

Course Title Credits
EDTE 899Dissertation Preparation12
Total Credit Hours12

Foreign Language and/or Research Methods

Students must meet the Foreign Language and/or Research Methods as required by the Graduate School.