Hotel Rest Tourism Mgmt (HRTM)

HRTM 518  - Hospitality Human Capital and Talent Management  (3 Credits)  
This course will help students learn and apply concepts comprising talent management, including the role that talent management plays in the strategic management of hospitality and tourism operations, diversity, recruitment, selection, training and development of talent within the organization, as well as performance management for hospitality supervisors and management.
HRTM 521  - Revenue Management in the Hospitality Industry  (3 Credits)  
Examination of revenue management in the hospitality industry with an emphasis on the theory and dynamics of revenue management, the implementation of capacity management, forecasting and discounting.
Prerequisites: HRTM 450.
Corequisite: HTRM 421.
HRTM 537  - Diversity and Inclusion in the Hospitality and Tourism Industry  (3 Credits)  
Multicultural, multiracial, and multiethnic factors within the hospitality and tourism industry.
Prerequisites: MGMT 371 or RETL 344.
HRTM 550  - Theme Park and Attractions Management  (3 Credits)  
This course will give students an overview of the theme park and attractions industry. We will explore each of the areas of this industry including: history, venues, resources, ride operations, merchandising, food service and design.
HRTM 557  - Security Management of Hotels and Restaurants  (3 Credits)  
Individualized security programs, procedures, legal issues, and review of local, state, and federal laws that apply to the lodging and restaurant industry.
Prerequisites: HRTM 357 or equivalent.
HRTM 560  - Advanced Lodging Management  (3 Credits)  
Advanced principles of the management of hotels and resorts.
Prerequisites: HRTM 260.
Graduation with Leadership Distinction: GLD: Professional and Civic Engagement Leadership Experiences
Experiential Learning: Experiential Learning Opportunity
HRTM 564  - Advanced Meeting Management  (3 Credits)  
Analysis of current issues and problems in the meetings industry with emphasis on planning, organizing, managing, and enhancing meetings.
Prerequisites: HRTM 364.
HRTM 565  - International Lodging Management  (3 Credits)  
Analysis of the structure of international lodging companies, challenges of marketing U.S. lodging companies abroad, and cultural differences in international management.
Prerequisites: HRTM 260.
HRTM 567  - Timeshare and Vacation Ownership Management  (3 Credits)  
Management of the timeshare and vacation ownership industry.
HRTM 570  - Managing Food Service Operations  (3 Credits)  
An advanced study of the food-service industry and its operations both internally and externally to the physical plant.
Prerequisites: HRTM 270.
HRTM 574  - The Global Business of Beverage Management  (3 Credits)  
The Global Business of Beverage Management, exploring the global beverage industry from product management perspective, from raw materials to end user.
Prerequisites: C or better in HRTM 475 or HRTM 575.
HRTM 575  - Advanced Topics in Wine  (3 Credits)  
A viticultural and enological study of wine and wine regions around the world; from the vineyard to the table including grape varietals, wine regions and wine service. Students must be 21 years old.
Prerequisites: HRTM 475.
HRTM 576  - Franchising within the Hospitality Industry  (3 Credits)  
This course will focus on the study of multi-unit and franchise operations within the hospitality and tourism industry.
Prerequisites: C or better in MGMT 371.
HRTM 580  - Adventure Travel Management  (3 Credits)  
Analysis of the adventure travel industry throughout the world, with emphasis on the management, marketing, and operation of an adventure travel business.
HRTM 584  - Tourism Information Technology Issues  (3 Credits)  
Information technologies such as e-commerce, e-marketing, and e-research are examined, critiqued, and applied within a tourism context.
Prerequisites: C or better in SPTE 274.
HRTM 585  - Advanced Club Management  (3 Credits)  
Advanced topics in hospitality management for the club industry.
Prerequisites: HRTM 285.
HRTM 590  - Special Topics in HRTM  (3 Credits)  
Advanced concepts, issues, and trends in the hospitality and tourism industry. May be taken twice for degree credit.
HRTM 591  - Golf Tourism  (3 Credits)  
Effective practices used in the planning, development, and promotion of golf tourism. Experiential learning component for evaluating selected issues, problem solving, and participating in the operational performance of a large golf tournament. Employment with a pre-approved golf tournament or permission of instructor.
HRTM 592  - Golf Tourism Consumer Services  (1 Credit)  
Examines superior customer service in high-quality business operations for a mega golf- tourism event; includes an experiential learning/fieldwork component.
Prerequisites: HRTM 591.
HRTM 593  - Golf Tourism Supervisory Skills  (1 Credit)  
Examines basic supervisory skills in high-quality business operations for a mega golf-tourism event; includes an experiential learning/fieldwork component.
Prerequisites: HRTM 591, HRTM 592.
HRTM 594  - Golf Tourism Leadership Skills  (1 Credit)  
Examines management and leadership skills in high-quality business operations for a mega golf-tourism event; includes an experiential learning/fieldwork component.
Prerequisites: HRTM 591, HRTM 592, HRTM 593.
HRTM 595  - Hospitality and Tourism Management Field Study  (3 Credits)  
Immersive study of international/domestic hospitality or tourism companies in a specially chosen host country or region of the United States. Students must have a minimum GPA of 2.0; no pending or past judicial council infractions.
HRTM 597  - Global Travel and Tourism  (3 Credits)  
Study of the economic, social, cultural, political, and environmental considerations of international tourism management and development.
Prerequisites: HRTM 280.
HRTM 720  - Hospitality Finance Methods  (3 Credits)  
The study of financial management related to the hospitality industry.
HRTM 730  - Strategic Leadership in the Hospitality Industry  (3 Credits)  
Strategic decision-making, planning, and leadership relative to the hospitality industry.
HRTM 740  - Services Management and Customer Experience in the Hospitality Industry  (3 Credits)  
Analysis, planning, and control of the service function in hospitality organizations with emphasis on management problems.
HRTM 750  - Hospitality Marketing and Social Media  (3 Credits)  
Strategic marketing process for hospitality organizations.
Prerequisites: MKTG 350.
HRTM 755  - Properties Management  (3 Credits)  
Feasibility studies, functional planning and design, equipment and utilities management.
HRTM 768  - Contemporary Problems in the Lodging Industry  (3 Credits)  
Consideration and analysis of relevant contemporary problems and issues presently facing managers in the lodging industry.
HRTM 776  - Current Issues in Foodservice Management  (3 Credits)  
Critical issues impacting the management of food-service organizations.
HRTM 780  - Seminar in Travel and Tourism  (3 Credits)  
Issues in travel and tourism.
Prerequisites: HRTM 750.
HRTM 781  - Seminar on the Olympic Games  (3 Credits)  
Examination of the Olympic Games, a mega sport and tourism event, and its impact on the sport, entertainment, hospitality and tourism sectors.
Cross-listed course: SPTE 781
HRTM 785  - Resort Management  (3 Credits)  
Management of resort complexes, including master plan development, ecological concerns, and recreational activities development.
HRTM 795  - Tourism and Hospitality Field Project  (3 Credits)  
Work experience and participation in management decision-making in a hospitality and tourism business environment. Positions assigned on an individual basis with emphasis on oral and written communication skills, planning, and problem solving.
HRTM 798  - Directed Study in HRTM  (3 Credits)  
Independent study for advanced students under faculty supervision. May be taken twice for degree credit.
HRTM 799  - Thesis Preparation  (1-6 Credits)  
Thesis preparation in international hospitality and tourism management.
Prerequisites: HRSM 788.
HRTM 850  - Scientific Foundations of Hospitality Management  (3 Credits)  
Examination of serious inquiry, philosophical foundations and schools of thought, and the contributions from social and behavioral sciences that heavily influence hospitality management.
HRTM 888  - Advanced Research Seminar in Hospitality Management  (3 Credits)  
Examination of hospitality research issues and research literature, including appropriate methodologies and designs.
Prerequisites: HRSM 788 or equivalent, HRTM 850.
HRTM 890  - Pedagogy in Hospitality and Tourism Management  (3 Credits)  
An introduction to college level teaching; major components include related theory, current research, instructional design, and the application of effective strategies in the teaching-learning process. Emphasis is also aligned with Preparing Future Faculty (PFF) for instruction and planning for future implementation in HRSM curriculum.
HRTM 895  - Ph.D. Graduate Seminar in Hospitality Management  (1 Credit)  
Seminar of current topics related to research, teaching and grant writing in hospitality management. As part of the PhD program requirement, the course must be taken twice during the tenure of a student at USC Columbia.
Prerequisites: HRTM 888.
HRTM 899  - Dissertation  (1-13 Credits)