Criminal Justice (LCRJ)

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LCRJ 271  - Criminal Investigation  (3 Credits)  

Fundamentals of criminal investigation theory and history; crime scene to courtroom, with emphasis on techniques appropriate to specific crimes.

LCRJ 272  - Criminal Law and Court Procedure  (3 Credits)  

An introduction to basic criminal law and the mechanics of the courts.

LCRJ 281  - Seminar: Criminal Justice  (3 Credits)  

Research, reading, and small group discussions of contemporary issues, problems, and possible solutions in the area of criminal justice and related social institutions.

LCRJ 282  - Practicum: Criminal Justice  (3 Credits)  

Supervised work experience (9-12 hours per week) above the clerical level with a criminal justice agency for pre-service students. Will provide opportunity for a student to apply previously studied theory to practical use in a meaningful life experience.