Hosp Retail Sport Mgmt (HRSM)

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HRSM 301  - HRSM Professional Development Seminar  (3 Credits)  

Strategies, tactics, and requisite skills for career success in the hospitality, retail, sport, entertainment, and technology industries. Course must be taken prior to HRSM internship.

Graduation with Leadership Distinction: GLD: Community Service, GLD: Professional and Civic Engagement Internships

HRSM 491  - Event Production, Evaluation, and Analysis  (3 Credits)  

This course examines and analyzes the effectiveness and efficiency of events in Hospitality, Tourism, Sport, Entertainment and Fashion and Retail Management industries. Event production, evaluation, and analysis will be conducted. Detailed activities involved in event production, evaluation, and analysis will be discussed and implemented.

Prerequisites: C or better in HRTM 364, and SPTE 203, and RETL 362.
HRSM 495  - Internship  (1-6 Credits)  

The internship is a supervised work experience in the student’s major area of study.

HRSM 497  - Senior Seminar  (3 Credits)  

Integration of prior academic work through the examination of problem inquiry, conduct of research, application of a solution development and the completion of a research paper.

Prerequisites: Senior status, and HRSM student (SPTE, HRTM, RETL, or BAIS).