International Studies Minor

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Minor Requirements (18 Hours)

Course Title Credits
Required Course
POLI 101Introduction to Global Politics3
Additional Electives
Select 15 hours of the following:15
International Relations
Comparative Politics
International Organization
The Conduct and Formulation of United States Foreign Policy
Contemporary United States Foreign Policy
National Security Policies of the United States
Comparative Politics of Developing Countries
Comparative Politics of Industrialized Countries
Topics in Political Science
Revolution and Political Violence
Theories of War in International Relations
International Law
Law and Contemporary International Problems
Ideology and World Politics
Nationalism and Ethnicity in World Politics
Economic Aspects of International Politics
International Relations of Latin America
Russian Foreign Policy
International Relations of East Asia and the Pacific
International Relations in Japan
Political Economy of Africa's Regions
International Relations of Africa
Foreign Policies of Selected Powers
Politics and Government of China
International Relations of the Middle East
Politics and Government of Russia
Politics and Governments of Europe
Middle East Politics
Politics and Governments of Africa
Politics and Governments of Latin America
Politics and Government of Japan
Total Credit Hours18

Note: The content of each minor should reflect the student’s interests and career aspirations. It should be determined through consultations between the student and the student’s academic advisor. A student may earn a maximum of three (3) hours of minor credit for POLI 379 and/or POLI 399 (internship experience and/or independent study content must be internationally-oriented).