Asian Studies Minor

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Minor Requirements (18 Hours)

The minor in Asian Studies requires a minimum of 18 credit hours from the courses listed below or other related courses pre-approved by the director of the program.  It must include courses from at least three groups listed below.  Of the 18 hours, at least 12 must be 300-level or above.  In addition, the student is encouraged to take courses in Chinese or Japanese. One 3-hour 200-level course in Chinese or Japanese can be counted towards the minor.

Group I (History)

Course Title Credits
HIST 105Introduction to East Asian Civilization3
HIST 357Japan to 1800: Aristocrats and Warriors3
HIST 358Japan since 18003

Group II (Political Science)

Course Title Credits
POLI 103BControversies in the Politics of Global Regions: Asia3
POLI 444International Relations in Japan3
POLI 448Politics and Government of China3
POLI 489Politics and Government of Japan3

Group III (Anthropology and Religious Studies)

Course Title Credits
ANTH 241Southeast Asian Cultures3
RELG 351Yoga: The Art of Spiritual Transformation3
RELG 352Religions of East Asia3
RELG 220Introduction to Buddhism3
RELG 551Tradition and Transformations in Islamic Cultures3
or ANTH 515 Tradition and Transformations in Islamic Cultures

Group IV (Literature, Culture and Film Studies)

Course Title Credits
CHIN 398Selected Topics3
JAPA 340Introduction to Japanese Culture and Literature3
JAPA 341Modern Japanese Literature3
JAPA 350Japanese Culture and Society through Film3
JAPA 351Japanese Culture and Society through Theatre3
CPLT 303Great Books of the Eastern World3
FAMS 598Special Topics in Global Film and Media3