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MGMT 499 Business Internship in Management

MGMT 499  - Business Internship in Management  (3-6 Credits)  

Supervised work experience as approved by department. Generally three hours of academic credit, but upon special request of supervising professor and approval of appropriate area director, an internship may carry a maximum of six hours credit, however, only three hours may apply towards major credit. Pass-Fail only. Internship contract required.

Prerequisites: Completion of DMSB core curriculum except MGMT 478, plus at least one additional course in the student’s major field of study. Cumulative GPA of 2.75 or consent of instructor.

Experiential Learning: Experiential Learning Opportunity

College of Arts and Sciences

...above Management (MGMT): all numbered 371 and above except MGMT 498 and 499 Management Science...

Business Economics, B.S.B.A.

...ACCT, ECON, FINA, IBUS, MGMT, MGSC, or MKTG...421 , ECON 476 , ECON 499 and ECON 524...