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MATH 401 Conceptual History of Mathematics

MATH 401  - Conceptual History of Mathematics  (3 Credits)  

Topics from the history of mathematics emphasizing the 17th century to the present. Various mathematical concepts are discussed and their development traced. For elective or Group II credit only.

Prerequisites: C or better in MATH 122, or MATH 141.

Secondary Education, M.T.

Learning Outcomes English Emphasis Math Emphasis Science (EDFI 300, EDPY 401, EDSE 500, EDSE...

College of Arts and Sciences

...and above Mathematics (MATH): all numbered 241 and above except MATH 401 Media Arts (MART...

Accountancy, M.A.C.C.

...completed as follows: ACCT 401 ACCT 402 ACCT...a business core and math/statistics requirement. Depending...