Course Descriptions

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Required Course and Clerkship Descriptions

Plan of Study Grid
First YearCredit Hours
GMED G605 Emergency Medical Technician 5
GMED G620 Molecular and Cellular Foundations of Medicine 3
GMED G630 Structure and Function of the Human Body I 7
GMED G635 Structure and Function of the Human Body II 7
GMED G640 Neuroscience 3
GMED G650 Defenses and Responses 3
GMED G601 Integrated Practice of Medicine Ia 6
GMED G602 Integrated Practice of Medicine Ib 6
 Credit Hours40
Second Year
GMED G660 Biomedical Principles of Infectious Diseases and Therapy 3
GMED G680 Musculoskeletal/Dermatology/Rheumatology Systems 2
GMED G675 Hematology/Oncology Systems 3
GMED G695 Endocrine/Reproductive Systems 3
GMED G671 Cardiovascular/Pulmonary/Renal Systems 7
GMED G685 Gastrointestinal/Hepatic Systems 3
GMED G665 Mind, Brain, and Behavior 3
GMED G610 Integrated Practice of Medicine IIa 7
GMED G611 Integrated Practice of Medicine IIb 4
 Credit Hours35
Third Year
GMED G703 Integrated Practice of Medicine III 1
FPMD G700 Family Medicine Clerkship 6
EMED G700 Emergency Medicine Clerkship 2
MEDI G700 Internal Medicine Clerkship 8
OBGY G700 Obstetrics and Gynecology Clerkship 6
PEDI G700 Pediatrics Clerkship 6
SURG G700 Surgery Clerkship 8
NPSY G700 Neurology and Psychiatry Clerkship 8
Select any two 700-level courses 4
 Credit Hours49
Fourth Year
GMED G801 Integrated Practive of Medicine IV 4
Select G801-G804 in any specialty 4
Select 800-level courses totaling a minimum of 12 weeks 12
 Credit Hours20
 Total Credit Hours144

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