Doctor of Medicine Academic Calendar

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The educational program at the University of South Carolina  (UofSC) School of Medicine Greenville was built around core clinical competencies needed by health care professionals to transform healthcare and impact the wellness of communities. The UofSC School of Medicine Greenville curriculum emphasizes graduated increase in clinical skills and responsibilities across the four years of the curriculum. The curriculum weaves biomedical sciences, behavioral, social and population health, lifestyle medicine and clinical skills throughout all four years, creating a foundation that prepares students to continue the path of life-long learning and practice as integral members of the healthcare delivery team. Thus, the educational program at the UofSC School of Medicine Greenville lays the foundation for advancement across the continuum from undergraduate medical education to graduate residency training.   For details, refer to the School of Medicine Greenville website.

The University of South Carolina (UofSC) School of Medicine Greenville has pre-clerkship, clerkship, and post-clerkship phases. The pre-clerkship phase encompasses the M1 and M2 years.  The M1 year is 40 weeks of instruction; the M2 year is 33 weeks of instruction plus three (3) days of orientation to prep for the M3 year. The clerkship phase encompasses the M3 year which is 50 weeks in duration with a two-week break during late December/early January. The post-clerkship phase is the M4 year which is 28 weeks of required rotations and four (4) weeks after the Match for residency preparation.  The Integrated Practice of Medicine (IPM) module is a longitudinal module embedded within all four years of the curriculum.  

Sample Academic Calendar for the 4-year Curriculum Leading to the MD Degree

M1 Year

Event Date
M1 Orientation 07/15/19-01/16/19
Integrated Practice of Medicine 1a 07/17/19-12/20/19
EMT Training Module 07/17/19-8/30/19
Labor Day-No Classes 09/02/19
Molecular and Cellular Foundations of Medicine 09/03/19-10/04/19
White Coat Ceremony 09/22/19
Structure and Function of the Human Body I 10/07/19-12/20/19
Thanksgiving Recess-No Class 11/28/19-11/29/19
Winter Break-No Class 12/23/19-01/03/2020
Integrated Practice of Medicine 1b 01/06/20-5/22/20
Structure and Function of the Human Body II 01/06/20-03/06/20
Martin Luther King Day-No Class 01/20/20
Spring Break- No Class 03/09/20-03/13/20
Neuroscience 03/16/20-04/13/20
Defenses and Responses 04/14/20-05/18/20
Integrated Practice of Medicine 1b OSCE 05/19/20-05/22/20

M2 Year

Event Date
M2 Orientation 07/20/20
Integrated Practice of Medicine IIa 07/21/20-12/18/20
Biomedical Principles of Disease and Therapy 07/21/20-08/14/20
Hemotology/Oncology Systems 08/17/20-09/11/20
Labor Day-No Class 09/07/20
Mind, Brain, and Behavior 09/14/20-10/09/20
Cardiovascular/Pulmonary/Renal System 10/12/20-12/08/20
CBSE 12/01/20
Thanksgiving Break-No Class 11/26/20-11/27/20
Integrated Practice of Medicine IIA OSCE 12/09/20-12/18/20
Gastrointestinal/Hepatic Systems 12/14/20-12/16/20
Winter Break-No Class 12/21/20-01/01/21
Integrated Practice of Medicine IIB 01/04/21-03/18/21
Gastrointestinal/Hepatic Systems 01/04/21-01/22/21
Martin Luther King Day-No Class 01/18/21
Endocrine/Reproductive Systems 01/25/21-02/19/21
Musculoskeletal/Dermatology/Rheumatology Systems 02/22/21-03/12/21
Integrated Practice of Medicine IIB OSCE 03/15/21-03/18/21
USMLE Step Prep/Exam-Study 03/19/21-05/03/21
CBSE 04/08/21
USMLE Step 1 Exam Deadline 05/03/21
M3 Orientation 05/04/21-05/07/21

M3 Year

Event Date
Clinical Block 1 05/10/21-07/02/21
Clinical Block 2 07/05/21-08/27/21
Clinical Block 3 08/30/21-10/22/21
Clinical Block 4 10/25/21-12/17/21
Winter Break-No Class 12/20/21-12/31/21
Clinical Block 5 01/03/22-02/25/22
Integrated Practice of Medicine III 02/28/22-03/04/22
Clinical Block 6 03/07/22-04/29/22
M4 Orientation/ACLS Training 05/02/22-05/06/22

M4 Year

Event Date
Rotation/Study Block 1 05/09/22-06/03/22
Rotation/Study Block 2 06/06/22-07/01/22
Rotation/Study Block 3 07/04/22-07/29/22
Rotation/Study Block 4 08/01/22-08/26/22
Rotation/Study Block 5 08/29/22-09/23/22
Rotation/Interview Study Block 6 09/26/22-10/21/22
Rotation/Interview Study Block 7 10/24/22-11/18/22
Rotation/Interview Study Block 8 11/21/22-12/16/22
Winter Break-No Class 12/19/22-12/30/22
Rotation/Interview Study Block 9 01/02/23-01/27/23
Rotation/Study Block 10 01/30/23-02/24/23
Rotation/Study Block 11 02/27/23-03/24/23
Integrated Practice of Medicine 4 Core 03/27/23-04/07/23
Spring Break-No Class 04/10/23-04/14/23
Integrated Practice of Medicine 4 Specialty Intensification 04/17/23-04/28/23
Convocation in Greenville 05/04/23
Commencement in Columbia 05/05/23