Radiology (RADI)

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RADI D620  - Radiology  (1-12 Credits)  

This course will provide instruction and the opportunity for the student to participate in routine diagnostic imaging procedures. The course will include instruction in the principles of image production and quality control. Instruction will also be given in basic radiation safety. At the completion of the course, the student will have participated in the operation of a diagnostic radiology department. The student will have been made aware of the usefulness and limitations of routinely used procedures in diagnostic radiology.

RADI D621  - Radiation Oncology  (1-12 Credits)  

The student will participate in the physical diagnosis, treatment planning and treatment delivery of patients receiving therapeutic doses of radiation. The student will attend regularly scheduled rounds to discuss patients currently under treatment and will be encouraged to participate in the group discussion. Students will also attend any regularly scheduled Oncology conferences. Reading assignments will be given.

RADI D690  - Clinical Radiology  (4-12 Credits)