Neuropsychiatry (NPSY)

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NPSY D605  - Psychiatry Clerkship  (6 Credits)  
NPSY D615  - Psych Acting Internship  (4 Credits)  
NPSY D627  - Child and Adolescnt Psych  (1-12 Credits)  
NPSY D629  - WSHPI Child and Adolescent Inpatient Addictions  (1-12 Credits)  
NPSY D633  - Emergency Psychiatry  (1-4 Credits)  
NPSY D634  - Consultation Psychiatry  (1-12 Credits)  
NPSY D642  - Addiction Treatment  (1-12 Credits)  
NPSY D646  - Forensic Psychiatry  (1-12 Credits)  
NPSY D649  - Introduction to Inpatient Psychiatry  (1-12 Credits)  
NPSY D655  - Geriatric Psychiatry  (1-12 Credits)  
NPSY D662  - Telepsychiatry/Telemental Health  (1-12 Credits)  

The telepsychiatry/telemental health elective offers medical students an opportunity to gain clinical exposure to video-conferencing technology as a means of health care delivery. Students will work with attendings who perform telepsychiatry evaluations spanning adolescent, adult, and geriatric age ranges. Students will become familiar with telepsychiatry consultation and mental healthcare delivery to clinical settings including primary care (ICARED), forensics/ Department of Juvenile Justice (DJJ), state mental health center and geriatric PACE (Program for All Inclusive Care of the Elderly) sites. This elective will include assigned readings on the scope and effectiveness of telepsychiatry applications from the extant literature.

NPSY D690  - Clinical Psychiatry  (4-12 Credits)  
NPSY D695  - PSYC AI Extramural  (4 Credits)