College of Engineering and Computing

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Hossein Haj-Hariri, Dean
Abel M. Bayoumi, Associate Dean for Corporate Relations
M. Hanif Chaudhry, Associate Dean for International Programs and Continuing Education
Csilla Farkas, Associate Dean for Diversity, Engagement, and Inclusion
Jed S. Lyons, Senior Associate Dean for Academic Affairs
Michael A. Matthews, Vice Dean and Senior Associate Dean for Research and Graduate Studies
Ruth B. Patterson, Assistant Dean for Student Services
Paul H. Ziehl, Associate Dean for Research


Graduate study in the College of Engineering and Computing has two objectives: to deepen the student’s knowledge in a given field of specialization and to expose the student to a broad range of educational experiences that build upon and complement the undergraduate education.

The College of Engineering and Computing offers research-based Master of Science and Doctor of Philosophy in the several disciplines. The college also offers the Master of Engineering degree, along with the Master of Health Information Technology, Master of Science in Engineering Management, and Master of Science in Technology Innovation and Entrepreneurial Engineering, as well as certificate programs in Artificial Intelligence, Cyber Security, and Railway Engineering.

Departments and Programs