NPSY - Neuropsychiatry (NPSY)

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NPSY 755  - Fundamentals of Psychiatric Rehabilitation  (3 Credits)  

Overview of current community-centered approaches to rehabilitation of persons with severe long-term mental illness. Emphasis placed on community-living problems, such as housing, social adjustment, supportive services, and employment.

NPSY 756  - Vocational Implications of Psychiatric Disability  (3 Credits)  

Further exploration of methodologies and techniques for reintegrating individuals with severe mental illness into the workplace.

Prerequisites: NPSY 755.
NPSY 757  - Psychopathology for Counselors  (3 Credits)  

Theoretical background for understanding causes, symptomatology, and preferred treatment approaches for disorders identified in DSM-IV, the standard reference of the American Psychiatric Association. Prepares students to diagnose and treat mental health conditions.

NPSY 758  - Classification and Assessment of Mental Disorders  (3 Credits)  

Classification of mental disorders using the DSM-IV, standard reference of the American Psychiatric Association, and the interpretation of formalized evaluations and appraisal techniques in achieving differential diagnoses.

Prerequisites: NPSY 757.
NPSY 760  - Addictions Rehabilitation  (3 Credits)  

Theory, treatment, and psychological aspects of addictions to alcohol and other drugs.

NPSY 761  - Dual Diagnosis  (3 Credits)  

Current research and models for rehabilitation of individuals with a substance abuse/dependency and other mental illness. Based on analyses of case studies.

Prerequisites: NPSY 757 and NPSY 760.
NPSY 763  - LGBT Issues Counseling and Rehabilitation  (3 Credits)  

Contemporary issues related to the provision of effective counseling and rehabilitation services with the lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgendered (LGBT) population. The focus will be on attaining a level of applied knowledge and awareness commensurate with master's level professional practice.